Huntington House at Good’s

If you’re in the market for living room furniture, we invite you to experience Huntington House Furniture at Good’s in Kewanee, IL. Huntington House is a family owned and operated company that has been hand-crafting beautiful, high quality living room furniture in Hickory, North Carolina since 1982. Their location in North Carolina allows them to employ the most talented of craftsmen in the industry today, using the best materials, and using time-honored techniques passed down from generation to generation.

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Huntington House crafts beautifully designed frames to fit the needs of any size person, any size space, and any style category. Beyond their eclectic collection of frames, they have a tremendous variety of fabrics and leathers that have been carefully curated from around the world. Authentic linens from Ireland, rich velvets from Belgium, hand embroidered silks from India, luxurious chenille from Turkey, and beautifully designed tapestries from all over the United States combine to offer a wonderful balance between style, color, and texture.


You can further customize your furniture with your choice of wood finishes, trims, and decorative upholstery treatments to make it uniquely yours. Visit Good’s today and experience Huntington House Furniture.