10 Loved Interior Design Styles

A home’s style is as much a reflection of its physical constraints as it is of the personalities of the people who live there. While no two design aesthetics are ever exactly the same, there are some popular interior design styles that inspire homes, offices, and public buildings. In this article we will explore some of the most common interior design styles. Perhaps some of these will inspire your own future decorating!

Mid-Century Modern

The mid-century modern look is making dramatic comeback because it focuses on quality in both design and material. This trend began in the mid-1900s and comprises classic rules of proportion and experimentation with new materials and production methods. The look can vary a lot, from the space-age retro spin you find on the show “Mad Men” to the minimalist nature-inspired looks you find at Ikea.


In American language, the term “contemporary” generally refers to anything that is happening in the present. When it comes to interior design, however, the term is a little more specific. Contemporary design styles have open spaces, clean lines, and bold accents. There is not much adornment when it comes to contemporary design, giving it a simplistic but sophisticated feel.


A throwback to the days when ships would travel the globe for trade, Moroccan interior design fuses old-world elements inspired by Spanish, Arab, and French cultures. Rich colors and bold patterns are hallmarks of this interior design style, as well as welcoming elements like comfortable furniture and overstuffed pillows.


The desert is the inspiration for Southwestern interior design styles that incorporate bright colors, tile flooring, and furniture carved from knotty pine. Wrought iron furniture is also a staple of Southwestern style, giving a feel of being outdoors.


Though often used in building that once had an industrial purpose, this interior design style is also gaining popularity in more traditional residential spaces. Open spaces and high ceilings are signatures of industrially designed spaces, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows. The inner workings of a building, like air ducts and structural beams, are not hidden but are rather often part of the accented designs.

Shabby Chic

Casual elements combine with antique, ornamental ones to make up shabby chic designs. Light colors are often used to create an airy atmosphere that emphasizes comfortable living above all else.


Even if you don’t live beside the sea, you can bring those elements into your home through the bright, breezy traits of Coastal design. Natural lighting and comfortable furniture enhance the beachy feel of this design style, alongside pastel blue and yellow hues.


If you are designing with elegance in mind, a Victorian theme is the ultimate choice. As the name implies, the style takes inspiration from the time period when Queen Victoria ruled England in the 19th century. Carved wood furniture, formal dining and entertaining spaces, and dark color palettes are mainstays of this design style.

American Country

These spaces bring the coziness of the country inside, with brick and wood accents that use functional items, like teapots or baskets, for design purposes. Leather furniture is often used, and fireplaces usually complete the look.

Asian Inspired

More specifically, Asian inspired interior design infuses Chinese and Japanese elements like minimalism and balance between furnishings. The term “Feng Shui,” or using design energy to harmonize with the people who live there, is often used when discussing Asian-inspired interior design.

Understanding interior design styles can help you decide exactly what energy you want your home to evoke. There are really no boundaries when it comes to overlapping these elements, as long as the finished product encapsulates your inner design style.

Image courtesy of photostock at FreeDigitalPhotos.net