Collection Spotlight: Bench*Made by Bassett

When entering Good’s Furniture by way of our East building entrances, chances are you will run in to some new, unique and All-American dining sets. These beautiful pieces are Bench*Made by Bassett, their new Artisan Dining collection.

Bench*Made is 100% American.

Each item is crafted from timber harvested in the Appalachian Region and then uniquely bench-made by Bassett’s own Artisans in Bassett, Virginia. Each item is made to order, one at a time. American Maple lumber is carefully selected for its character so the natural beauty of the wood is captured and highlighted. Distinctive wood grains, hand-planed natural wear and stunning finishes give each piece an heirloom quality. Made completely of solid wood, these styles will stand the test of time. Bench*Made by Bassett can be the perfect gathering place for your family and friends for years to come…

60 tavern table
60″ Tavern Table (also available in 72″)
7 Time Honored Finishes
108 rectangular table
108″ Harvest Rectangular Table (also available in 72″ and 90″)
72 rectangular table
72″ Crossbuck Rectagular Table (also available in 90″ and 108″)
72 farmhouse table
72″ Farmhouse Table (also available in 90″ and 108″)
arm chair
Henry, Boone, and Greyson Arm Chairs
side chair
Greyson, Boone, and Henry Side Chairs
60 bench
60″ Hearthside Bench (also available in 70″)
four door hawkins huntboard
Four Door Hawkins Huntboard (also available in Three Door)

We are proudly displaying many of these new pieces and we would love for you to see them in person. We send out a friendly invite to you. If you have any questions regarding this collection, please contact us and we would be more than glad to assist you.

To view these items on our website, please visit our online catalog.

Created in collaboration by Good’s Furniture and Bassett Furniture.