5 Accessories You Didn’t Know Your Dining Room Needed

It’s easy to focus on the furniture in the living room, bedroom, and office; but the dining room often gets ignored. A table big enough for hosting holidays with enough comfy chairs to fill each spot around it should be good, right? Think again.

Sure, the basics will suffice, but if you want your dining room to really stand out – as a space that’s not just functional for dinner, but actually enjoyable to spend time in – take a look at these must-have dining room accessories. You may stumble across that perfect element you didn’t know your room was missing.

Mini Bar

Whether you frequently host parties, or just enjoy kicking back with a drink on the weekends, a stylish mini bar is worth it. The perfect place for it? The dining room. This keeps food and beverage out of areas like the living room, and pulls the socializing away from areas like the kitchen (because how are you supposed to finish cooking, with all your relatives chatting around the stove?). The dining room is the perfect room to bridge eating, drinking, and socializing together harmoniously. Browse the many styles available – from vintage designs to sleek, modern mini bars – you’re sure to find something that will perfectly suit your home’s décor, your storage needs, and your guests.

Lazy Susan

Whether you have a large or a small family, a lazy Susan for your tabletop takes the hassle out of passing food around the dinner table. With this revolving stand, family members and guests can rotate dishes or condiments around the table, without interrupting other people’s mealtime or conversation. If you have a long table, consider more than one lazy Susan, so everyone has what they need within arm’s reach. Your guests will thank you for it, when Uncle Randall isn’t reaching over their plates of turkey to grab the pepper.

Rolling Cart

Make the trip from kitchen to dining room simple, with a rolling serving cart. Your guests are sure to be impressed as you smoothly and easily roll dinner out to the table, all in one go. Choose a serving cart with areas for storing wine, wine glasses, or other dishes for simple organization – it’s not only helpful for hosting, but also for keeping all of your place settings in a neat, orderly spot. It’s not hard to find a stunning, vintage cart to match your elegant décor; or, if your style runs more contemporary, look for a chic, modern roller. When not in use, it’s easy to stash in the corner – just place a simple centerpiece on top, and you’ve added a stylish touch to the dining room.

Chest, Dresser, or Cabinet

When you picture the dining room, you don’t often think of it as a place for storage – but every holiday host knows there are dining essentials you want to keep close by. That’s where a dining chest, or dresser, comes in handy. Store your special-occasion dishware, table covers, placemats, and other entertaining essentials in a gorgeous display case – or in a solid cabinet that adds a tidy sophistication to the room. If your children do homework at the table, this extra storage space is a great place to keep homework, notebooks, pencils, and more.

If you have items you’d like to keep on display, such as china, choose an option with both drawers and shelves. Wine drinkers can find plenty of cabinet styles suited for storing wine bottles, too. A piece that features a surface at countertop height will serve you well, in case you need extra room to place meal items during dinner. Whether you choose a china cabinet, buffet, chest, or dresser; having that extra piece of furniture in the dining room proves to be quite useful.

Beautiful Décor

While you’re thinking about dining room accessories, don’t forget about your décor. Consider placing an area rug under the table, or hanging cheerful drapes to give the room a pop of color. Think about your lighting, too. A low-hanging chandelier above the dinner table can give the room an eye-catching piece, while providing a bright, happy ambiance during dinner. Consider how your wall art, and centerpieces, work with your furniture and other accessories to unite your dining room décor. Does it all come together to make the room a dinner-friendly, social space?

With these ideas in mind, take a stroll through your dining room – is there enough storage space? Are there enough useful, or beautiful, elements to entice people to spend time in this room? Could you add something to make the experience more enjoyable for a guest, or easier for you as a host? With the right accessories, you can design a dining room that’s both functional and comfortable to eat and socialize in. Which one of the suggestions above has been missing from your dining room?