House to Home Design Decisions [INFOGRAPHIC]

Your home should reflect your personal style, and be customized to your comforts. Make your house a home by incorporating warm colors, personalized accents, comfortable furniture, beautiful greenery, and more.

home design infographic

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Living Room

  • Textiles – Cozy up by putting comfortable afghans and pillows out on display for family and friends to cuddle up with.
  • Seating – Bring in deep, cushioned chairs to create an inviting atmosphere for friends and family to sink into.
  • Personal Touches – Decorate walls with a collage of family photos and scenic images from fun vacations that act as personalized conversation starters.
  • Greenery – Focus on foliage and liven up your living room with living things such as an indoor palm, Philodendron, or Ficus tree.



  • Color – Add a touch of color by incorporating a single accent wall in welcoming hue of blue or sleepy gray.
  • Textiles – Incorporate soft sheets and thick comforters that beg to be snuggled into. Hardwood floors can get cold. Tie a room together and keep toes warm with the addition of an area rug.
  • Seating – Enhance your standard bedroom furniture with a lounging chair, complete with extra pillow and spare blanket.



  • Greenery – Bring the garden into your kitchen with a small potted herb garden. Add life, fragrance, and easy access to fresh herbs while cooking up meals.
  • Textiles – Add colorful window treatments to accent the room and create a lived-in look.
  • Countertops – Opt for butcher block countertops to make meal time a community effort.
  • Color – Include contrasting textures and colors on walls by using tiled or stone backsplashes to add an extra element of personality.


Dining Room

  • Color – Mix and match your dining room set for a truly unique experience for your guests. Paint your walls a rich, deep chocolate or maroon to truly separate this space in your home.
  • Personal Touches – Check out antique shops or thrift stores to find the bargain right for your space.
  • Lighting – Hang a chandelier to create a lighting experience that is easy on the eyes.
  • Furniture – Add some character with a curiosity/hutch cabinet to place spare plates and bowls for easy access, or decorations and other meaningful pieces.



  • Lighting – Add in a skylight to maximize the light allowed yet will also help retain privacy.
  • Textiles – Incorporate cozy area rugs and bathmats to keep feet toasty on an otherwise cold tiled surface.
  • Fragrance – Include a fresh selection of soaps and lotions on countertops to add a subtle pop of fragrance to your space.
  • Color – Keep colors light with blues, grays, and greens to ease the eyes and calm the mind.


Home Office

  • Color – Opt for chalkboard paint or corkboard on one wall to get creative juices flowing.
  • Lighting – Incorporate bright lights to help maintain focus on the task at hand.
  • Furniture – In addition to a workspace, include additional seating for when you want to tuck yourself away with a good book, or to afford a more collaborative space. Add bookshelves that include your favorite works to provide inspiration and make the room more inviting when you’re not on the clock.