A Mirror for Every Style

Mirrors can do so much more for a home than just provide a nice reflection – they can make a room look bigger and brighter, and they can act as unique accents for any décor style. And, we’re not just talking about those plain bare slabs of reflective silver, like you’ll see on a medicine cabinet. These days, mirrors come in all sorts of beautiful shapes, frames, and settings to perfectly fit your own aesthetic preferences and stylistic choices.

You might be surprised at how smoothly a mirror or two can work into your home’s decorations.

Need some inspiration to get you started? Here are just a few examples of how mirrors can be easily paired with any home décor style:

The Eclectic Estate

Mirror pairing: Uttermost Patrizio Collage Mirror

Are you a lover of all things unusual, quirky, and pleasantly unexpected? The trick with any eclectic home style is to make the clash of styles look intentional and artsy, not cluttered and haphazardly thrown together. An eclectic decorating sense has a uniqueness to it, which is why an uncommon mirror style works so well. Try a collage mirror, like the one suggested above – it provides a fractured picture that’s equal parts art piece and functional design — to enhance the assortment of beauty in your eclectic space.

The Contemporary Condo

Mirror pairing: Uttermost Cormor Black Mirror

A contemporary style cries out for something sleek and clean, without too much ornamentation. The focus in this decor is on lines and form — which makes a solid mirror with a simple, classic black frame a perfect fit (the white-framed mirror is a strong choice as well, depending on the wall colors behind it). This mirror is a great multitasker, as it can pair smoothly with any other furniture or décor in the room without overwhelming the space.

The Rustic Ranch

Mirror pairing: Uttermost Fortuo Mahogany Wood Mirror

Natural beauty is the name of the game when it comes to rustic home styles, with an eye towards unpretentious roots and organic textures and shapes – nothing too fussy or over-the-top. With this down-to-earth style in mind, the mirror suggested above does the job perfectly with its sleek wooden frame. If you like a bit more pizzaz, look for a mirror with an especially interesting frame, such as burlap linen fabric or antiqued gold stud accents. The natural look of mahogany wood fits equally nicely with a rustic “nestled-in-the-mountains” vibe or with urban cowboy décor, depending on your style.

The Industrial Flat

Mirror pairing: Uttermost Rondure Bronze Metal Wall Mirror

When you think of the industrial home décor aesthetic, you picture something not too far from contemporary, but with a more edgy, garage-workshop vibe. That’s what makes the bronze metal-framed mirror (linked above) fit so well – it looks like an artsy piece put together in a metalworking shop. The brass details pair wonderfully with the rest of an industrial room’s striking accents. Industrial décor makes everyday “trash” look like treasure, so go with a mirror that has a salvaged, vintage feel without taking over the whole spotlight.

The Hollywood Suite

Mirror pairing: Uttermost Golden Peacock Mirror

A Hollywood décor style is everything you’d expect: glitzy, dramatic, and vibrant. One thing you’ll want to achieve is embodying glamour without being too gaudy — and the gorgeous “Golden Peacock” mirror accomplishes the look perfectly, making a room look swanky and chic, without going over the top. It takes a strong, detailed mirror to hold up a confident Hollywood room; this mirror looks good, and knows it.

The Traditional Townhouse

Mirror pairing: ART Furniture Round Mirror

None of the avant-garde or nouveau home décor styles for you – you’ve got a home that’s classically warm and inviting, where the furniture feels familiarly comforting and every wall hanging is in just the right place. That’s not a bad thing — traditional decor is one of the most “friendly” of all the styles! And, it certainly doesn’t mean you need a bland mirror design. The mirror we’d pair with a traditional style has some hints of antiqueness to it, but it also conforms to the soft lines and symmetry that make up a classic décor – without being boring in the least.

Mirror, Mirror, on Every Wall

Mirrors have so much to offer when it comes to bringing light, style, and roominess to a space; don’t confine your mirror choices to just the bathroom or bedroom. There are so many different styles and shapes out there, you can easily find interesting and unique reflective pieces that work beautifully in any room of your house — the hard part will be deciding between all of your favorites. No matter the core aesthetic of your home décor, there’s a mirror that can both match and elevate your chosen style.