Wide Open Space. Wide Open Options.

It is no surprise that open layouts are the most popular house plan today. Open floor plans make a home feel more spacious, promote family togetherness and provide the owners more options when entertaining. But with all of these advantages, a challenge comes of decorating the large space so it meets your needs and does not appear empty or cluttered.

When you’re choosing furniture or rearranging furniture in an open floor plan house, we recommend you first spend time space planning so the room functions smoothly. The locations of doors and windows, electrical outlets, columns and partitions will all be major considerations as you think about your space plan. Once you decide which spaces you want in the room, then focus on a creative way to define each different space.

These layout tips will help you the next time you are space planning or want to rearrange your space…

Choose a Focal Point – As we mentioned above, open floor plans can be a tad overwhelming. Decide your focal point for the room. Do you want to draw eyes to the fireplace, the television, a window or a piece of art? Keeping furniture to a minimum and using it to direct attention to the focal point in each defined space, helps the room from looking cluttered.

Define your Space with a Rug – To create the illusion of separate spaces, large rugs can serve as a tool for breaking up open floor plans. Place a large rectangular rug where you want your living room to be in order to separate your living room from your kitchen or dining area.

Create a Wall – Couches are perfect for creating sharp lines, thus creating the illusion of a separate living area. They help break up the space and create a clear path for you to walk.  It is important to think about how people will move from one defined space to the next. You will want to allow plenty of room for circulation so you’ll need at least 3 feet of room for paths of travel.

For more tips on arranging furniture in wide open spaces, visit your friends at Good’s Furniture.