Take Your Sweet Time

When you rent or buy your first home, there can be an overwhelming desire to rush to the nearest store and furnish your entire home all at once.

Resist the urge to make an impulse purchase.

Spending more time shopping and more money on a few key items will pay off later.

Investing in quality furniture will benefit your home in the long run.  Good’s Furniture is here to help you outfit any and all rooms in your home.

Instead get a feel for what you like, what things cost, what pieces work best with your space, then you can have fun spending time shopping Good’s Furniture and finding anchor pieces or having one custom made.  When it comes to buying furniture, the time spent doing your research will ensure long-term happiness with your purchase. Besides, a stress-free day of shopping will allow you to experience with all five of your senses and allow you to ask questions and garner the opinions of experts.

Equally important is your financial commitment so you spend every dollar wisely. Instead of using your budget on items that will fall apart in a few years’ time, invest in quality pieces that you will not need to replace and can enjoy for many years to come. Think of how these key pieces may be used in your space now and how they will transition into your future. For example, a loveseat you fall in love with now for your living room may eventually be used for a sitting area in your master bedroom down the road. You want the pieces to be timeless, versatile and to grow with you.

Lastly, before breaking out the checkbook (or credit card) for a piece of furniture, ask yourself: Do I love it? Will I still love it five years from now? Will it last 5 years? Is it trendy or classic? Is it versatile?

While you are rightfully excited about your new home, remember that you don’t have to buy your “forever” furniture right away or all at once. Take your sweet time and your space will soon be a home that you love.