Spectacular Sofa Sought

So you have decided it’s time for a new sofa, congratulations! Before you head off to the furniture store, you will want to consider these tips so you save time and avoid potential buyer’s remorse with this significant purchase.

The first thing to do is consider what size sofa you prefer for your space. Do you plan to have your new sofa be the focal point of the room with lots of seating? Or would you like a smaller sofa to partner with chairs and tables? While you are deciding the ideal size, you will want to think about the shape that appeals to you too. You also should consider your favorite activities for that room. Will you be lounging watching television or reading? Will you be entertaining or playing games? A sectional with clean lines is ideal for a large room that needs to be divided while a round sofa works perfectly for a smaller space to host friends.

Upholstery is the next big decision and there are gazillion options for you to choose from today. When making this choice, you will want to be practical and chose what fits your lifestyle. If you live alone, you can be daring and chose a luxurious suede. If your house if full of kiddos and pets, then leather or another durable fabric would be a better way to go. Fortunately, you will not have trouble finding a fabric, color or pattern that fits your life and style since the options are endless including many durable faux choices.

Once you have narrowed down your upholstery, there are three features you need to consider for your next sofa. It is the combination of these features that will finish off your custom piece of furniture. The first choice will be deciding the arm of the furniture that most appeals to you. The manufacturer options will lend to different styles… contemporary, modern, traditional or transitional. You need to pick the style that appeals to you and complements the furniture you currently own. The second feature to consider is what type of cushion you prefer… foam or a type of down. If you have the opportunity to choose the back cushion style, you may want “loose” cushions instead of attached so they can be rotated allowing the upholstery to last longer. Lastly, you will decide on what kind of base your sofa will sport. Each manufacturer will offer different options but most will include choices for feet, an upholstered base or a skirted base.

Now best of luck shopping and make note of all of your favorite options to create your spectacular sofa!