Nifty Shades of Gray

Color will affect the mood and energy of a room… whether it is the paint color on the walls or color of the furniture in the room. Gray is a very soothing and peaceful color. This subtle shade creates a restful atmosphere in a traditional, modern, cottage or any style room.

While gray may be everywhere in design right now, the gray you choose depends on the other colors you want to incorporate in your design. If you prefer bright upholstery or accent items then gray walls can ground the room. If you prefer bold colored walls then gray furniture and accessories can balance your look.

Since gray is known to infuse sophistication into a room, you may also use it to prove that neutrals are not boring. You can pair a warm gray with taupe, camel and cream tones, to create a space that wraps you in elegance. Silver accent pieces would add even more glamour to your design.

Gray happens to be a perfect masculine color for any age too. Choosing paint colors, furniture and accessories for boys or men can be challenging because you can only use blue so often. An added bonus for his retreat, gray is an ideal backdrop for artwork too whether it is classical or contemporary.

For a room with lots of windows and natural light, gray is an ideal complement as it does not distract from the views and the simple palette keeps the room’s focus on the nature outdoors. You can keep the light space from feeling too cool & empty by choosing gray furniture with texture that will add depth to your room.

When you are choosing your favorite gray, consider the temperature of each particular shade as cool or warm shades can evoke different feelings. If you select a darker shade, you want to ensure there are many light sources in your room from table lamps to floor lamps. Since gray is already a shadow color, you will want to avoid casting more shadows by utilizing just an overhead fixture.

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