Office Advice

Make your home office work for you… whether it is an entire room, a nook in your kitchen or a corner of your living room. Regardless, you want to create a beautiful space for working. From traditional to modern, elements of style will bring a signature look to your home office.

First, choose a desk that fits your priorities. Do you want a sleek writing desk that will maximize space? Or does a classic desk, credenza & hutch combination with plenty of storage suit you better? Do you prefer traditional wood or a bold colored desk? Pick your favorite and make your office your own.

The next step will be improving your view.  If you are not blessed with a lovely window in your home office, wisely give thought to what will go behind your computer since you will spend a great deal of time looking in that direction. Choose art that will pull double duty by enhancing your space but most importantly providing inspiration.

A desk lamp is essential and definitely worth giving up the space on your desk. Proper lighting is not only good for your eyes, but stylish lamps can add a nice touch to the home office. This one accessory alone can keep your space from becoming “cube like”.

Personal touches on your desk can add a bit of sunshine especially if those pieces add a pop of color. To avoid a cluttered desk, consider making a personal statement with practical items that you will regularly use while working. If you love purple, order purple desk accessories like a pencil holder, mouse pad, USB charger or letter opener. These touches will show your unique style and remember that quirky pieces can make a space feel fun. Plus, it will be easier to find a bright-colored charger under paperwork on your desk. 🙂

Lastly, do not forget about the green. Plants can add cheer to a home office and provide the added benefit of improved air quality. It’s quick, inexpensive and you’ll breath better.

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