Doggone Sweet Dreams

Yes, we are those people. The people who treat our dogs like one of the kids… as they are just members of the family. Did you know that Good’s Furniture now has Rachael Ray Home Dog Beds that are both stylish and functional? Here are some benefits of your sweet pooch having their own bed… instead of having a slumber party with you.


Most furniture has a fairly high elevation which means your prized pet must jump to reach it. The jumping can lead to joint problems, muscle and ligament injuries… especially if your baby is still in the puppy stage or has reached a mature age. Rachael Ray Home Dog Beds provide a space that is easily accessible and safe for them to sleep or hangout.


While we can spoil our canine kiddos, we still cannot ignore the fact that they are animals. Even the cleanest dogs can carry bacteria that can lead to health problems when sharing furniture with their owners. Pet dander and fur that your dog leaves behind can cause breathing problems, eye irritation and other health issues. To maintain the health of all family members, it is a good idea to take a preventative approach and give your pet some personal space.


Lastly, imagine if you had to lie on the floor every day whenever you wanted to sleep. Now imagine the crick you would have in your neck. Our dogs feel the same way as they would prefer a soft place to lay their head. Providing a Rachel Ray Home Dog Bed for your darling will give your dog a comfortable place to sleep and relax.

If your goal is to find a bed that is aesthetically pleasing and complements your taste in furniture, come see us at Good’s where we have some beautiful beds from Rachael Ray Home that could definitely take Best in Show.