Welcome to the World Little One

There are many things to prepare for during a pregnancy, but one of the most fun items on the to-do list is decorating the nursery. Deciding on the perfect look for your baby’s new sanctuary, should not stress you out. Your nursery does not have to have an overall grandiose theme. Your nursery does not have to have the mountains of pink or blue signifying your little darling is a girl or a boy. You are creating a one-of-a-kind space for your one-of-a-kind baby. It is perfectly fine to mix and match all your favorite things to create a beautiful, fun, and happy environment for the new addition to your family.

We have put together a list of 5 decorating tips for your baby’s nursery that will keep you and your baby happy for years to come.

Thoughtfully Lay Out the Room – We all know nurseries tend to be a converted home office or smallest spare bedroom so take the time to carefully consider all the activities you plan for the room. Are you hoping to have this room do double duty as a play room? Then be sure to get a comfortable rug and some effective storage. While you have your hands full changing a diaper, do you have everything you may need within arms reach? Take the time to plan so items fit comfortably in the space and your nursery can meet all your needs.

Splurge on Furniture with Long Lifetimes – While you may be tempted to skip the classic nursery set with the crib, changing table/dresser and nightstand next to the rocking chair because you could get a crib from your cousin. Don’t forget that this set could last for many years through many babes. These high quality items in the nursery now can also be converted into amazing refurbished pieces years down the line.

Decorate with Wall Hangings in Mind – Surrounding your newborn with pieces of art that echo your family’s passion and history is the perfect way to create a theme without it feeling too cliché. The options for unique wall art are endless from murals, decals, a tapestry, framed fabric squares even a family tree. Regardless if you want pictures of baby animals, Dr. Seuss or family photos, surround your little one with pictures that make you smile and spread the joy.

Keep a Mix of Children’s and Grown-up’s Decor –  This is a room that you will be spending quite a bit of time in during the coming months, so make it as comfortable for you as your bundle of joy. Invest in a rocking chair & ottoman that is so cozy you could nap. You can invite the grandparents to choose something special even a family heirloom for the new nursery. If this is your second child, your oldest may want to finger paint a picture that you could frame for the new baby’s room too.

Splashes of Color – Do not be timid when it comes to splashes of color. Whether you crave subdued and relaxing colors or bright and whimsical, there is no wrong way to decorate YOUR babe’s nursery. If you prefer to stick to a neutral wall color, your blankets, throw pillows, and wall hangings can add the pops of color and customize the space for your little one.

For all of your nursery decorating needs, visit Good’s Furniture where we are happy to help you prepare for your new addition. Congratulations from our family to yours!