Proud to offer Palettes

Good’s Furniture is happy to offer you Palettes by Winesburg, American Made Furniture, from forest to fabrication. Located in the rolling farmland of Ohio’s Amish country, Palettes by Winesburg is a third generation lumber specialist who hand-selects the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory trees to bring you quality products. They select and harvest the timber, shape it in their own sawmill, and then carefully check it in their own dry kilns.

The building of solid wood furniture stems from their roots. Winesburg Lumber had its origins as a two-man logging operation more than three generations ago. As the younger generation became a part of this growing organization, they felt that diversification was a path for future success and growth so they began building doors and contract grade chairs. This has evolved into one of the most complete custom dining lines in the country and we are proud of the furniture Palettes by Winesburg produces.

With efficiency and frugality in their heritage, the principles of lean manufacturing are second nature to Palettes by Winesburg. Their in-depth knowledge of each part of the tree means that only the finest, most carefully selected woods go into every chair, table and cabinet. Part of their philosophy is to make use of every part of the harvested tree eliminating waste. After selecting the finest grades and colors of wood to be made into furniture, they use the remainder of the wood constructing top of the line industrial pallets. Wood chips are made into landscaping mulch and wood shavings are shipped to paper companies.

The Palettes by Winesburg plant is a successful mix of traditional and modern approaches. Traditional because of the insistence on the highest standard of craftsmanship. Modern because the plant uses computer aided design and fabrication, state-of-the-art machinery, and lean manufacturing. These efficiencies benefit our Good’s customers. Because Palettes by Winesburg’s business includes the entire supply chain, they are able to schedule production and delivery with accuracy.

Fine furniture is an art for those who appreciate the very best. We invite you to visit Good’s Furniture where we can help you find your own masterpiece.