Which Dining Room Table Shape is Right for You?

You’ve unpacked the boxes, finally sat down for a meal at your new place, and quickly realized that your old dining room table simply doesn’t fit your new home.

Or, perhaps you’ve been in the same home for years, but your family is outgrowing that little dining table you got when you first moved in?

What now?

Selecting the perfect dining room table for your home is a great opportunity to bring a fresh look and functionality to your living space. A quality dining room table is an investment, so it’s important to find one you’ll love for many meals to come. We’re here to help you find that ideal table, and to make the process as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

One of the first decisions you’ll face — and the place where many people feel stuck — is choosing the shape of the table. There are four basic dining room table shapes, each suited to particular needs and preferences, and we’ve outlined them below in this helpful guide. Read on to discover which shape will work best to maximize your unique dining space and fit your lifestyle.

Rectangular Tables

Rectangular tables are the most common choice for dining rooms due to their practicality and versatility.

Whether you regularly entertain or simply serve a family meal every night, rectangular tables offer plenty of space for any kind of get-together in your dining room. This shape is also highly adaptable, and fits well in a busy home where the dining room table needs to take on multiple roles. From dinner and drinks to crafting and homework, a rectangular table makes a great homebase for the whole family.

Even a smaller rectangular table can provide ample functionality and elegance in your home. The rectangular table shape is well suited to a narrow table, if space is at a real premium in your home.

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Round Tables

If you have a very limited dining space, but you still want to be able to bring people together, consider going with a round table.

Round tables are an excellent choice for snug dining rooms and dining areas in your living room or kitchen. A round table can easily play double duty as both a kitchen and dining room table, and won’t detract from your dining experience. In fact, round tables make every meal feel like a uniquely intimate and informal affair.

To give a round table a more formal feel, consider investing in upholstered chairs. They won’t take up much additional space, and they’ll give your dining room table a little extra pizazz for those special occasions.

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Oval Tables

Oval dining room tables are synonymous with sophistication. Because oval tables tend to be more of a statement piece than other shapes, they’re ideal for a grand living space where you host regular dinner parties.

Traditionally, oval tables sit on a pedestal. As well as eliminating the common issue of bumping legs and shins against the table legs, oval tables are more accommodating of high chairs and wheelchairs. They ensure lots of seating for large and diverse groups and, thanks to their rounded corners, there are even more opportunities for extra place settings.

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Square Tables

Square tables are perhaps the most uncommon selection for a dining room table, but for those who find this shape just right, it comes with its own distinctive set of benefits.

Excellent for groups of four or less, square tables are the perfect centerpiece for square rooms. Even if your dining room isn’t square, this table shape is favorable for its versatility. A square table can be pushed into the corner of any dining area to open up the space; their smaller shape makes them very flexible in any size home.

If you’ve been thinking of getting a higher table with bar stools, a square table is also your best bet. A high square table isn’t just a chic option, it also offers tremendous functionality, as it can be used as a kitchen island or a standing desk when you’re not eating.

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Palettes by Winesburg Square Zinc Table Top

No matter what your sense of style or size of dining space, you’re bound to find the dining room table of your dreams with Good’s Furniture. Try the Good’s Experience today and see our wide range of shapes, materials, and styles for every budget.