4 Tips to Liven Up Your Living Room Walls

You likely spend a lot of time in your living room with your friends and family, so it’s the perfect place to showcase your unique style.

Although living room decor tends to focus on furniture, a large part of any room is its wallspace. So how can you make sure your living room walls fit your decor, taste, and personality? Here at Good’s Furniture, we’ve created an easy-to-follow guide to help you bring your walls to life.

1. Pick Your Perfect Paint

The right paint color can totally transform your living room, and it’s relatively simple to change; you just need some inspiration.

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant touch, try painting all your living room walls in a neutral color such as beige or cream. These colors will complement the design of your furniture and other decor, no matter their style or design. Gray is another versatile color that creates a sophisticated yet soothing living space ideal for entertaining friends or relaxing with family.

To inject some extra style into your living room, select one wall as an accent wall and paint it a different color from your main wall color. This can be a deeper shade of the paint you’re using on your other walls, or it could be something completely different. Consider carefully when choosing which wall will be the accent wall, as this will become a focus point of the room. You can even make your ceiling the accent wall to give the illusion of higher ceilings in a smaller living space.

2. Add Your Wall Art

Empty wallspace can leave your living room feeling flat, but it can also be overwhelming to fill. The key is to hang the right wall art in just the right spots.

In a living room, it’s often the wallspace behind the sofa that looks a little bare, so concentrate on finding a piece of art for this area. Simply hang one medium or large painting at eye level in the center of this space, or create your own gallery wall with multiple pieces.

A gallery should reflect your taste and personality with a theme that means something to you and your family. This way, walking into your living room will always put a smile on your face. Try framed black-and-white vacation photographs, or works of art from your favorite artist. While you can hang several of the same sized pieces in a uniform layout, this look is best pulled off with different styles, sizes, and shapes of frame.  

3. Find Your Focal Point

Creating a focal point on one of your living room walls deliberately draws the eye to a fantastic feature, instead of the less interesting TV or piles of unorganized clutter.

Besides paintings and photos, you can introduce a focus point into your space in the form of a grand clock, or a spectacular vase filled with beautiful, fresh flowers on a shelf. A large mirror makes a very effective focal point for two reasons: not only does it catch your eye, but it also makes your living room seem even larger.

You may find that your living room already has architectural focal points built into its walls, such as a fireplace or a bay window. Make the most of these features with a few thoughtful touches. Place unusual antiques on your mantelpiece, or hang a striking piece of artwork above it. Dress your bay window in curtains made from rich fabrics with bold patterns or deep colors — create even more sophistication by adding tiebacks.

4. Use Your Lighting

Your choice of lighting can instantly breathe life into your living room walls.

Work with the natural light in your living room; not against it. Make sure your windows aren’t blocked by furniture, and keep curtains out of the way during the day with those elegant tiebacks. In the areas where you still need more light in your living space, you can turn to a range of lighting solutions to liven the room up.

A corner floor lamp works well to brighten up the walls — and there are plenty of styles and sizes to match your decor. Wall sconces are another great option; not only do they add artistic value to your wall, but they supplement your living room’s natural light. A table lamp will give off just enough light to create the right ambiance for sitting down with friends in the evening, or curling up with a good book. Look for an interesting or unique lamp that will double as an intriguing item of decor when it’s not needed for light.

The walls of your living room are integral to the overall style and design of the room. Spend some time thinking about how you want yours to look and then arrange other features of the space to support that. Ready to put your perfect room together? Enjoy the Good’s Experience today and find everything you could ever need to create your ideal living room.