Winter Wine: What Should You Sip?

When the weather turns cold, few things are more pleasant than warming your insides with a delicious meal and a good glass of wine. But not every variety of wine is right for the chillier seasons.

While light, acidic wines tend to have more of a summery feel, richer wines provide a sense of warmth to fight off the chill of autumn and winter. Deep wines also pair well with the heavier foods we often gravitate towards in the cooler months.

Not sure what to sip this season? Here are a few key things to consider when choosing your wine in the winter.

Comforting Red Wine

The ideal serving temperature of a wine can be a helpful indicator of its seasonal appropriateness.

A good wine for winter is rich and full-bodied, and best served at room temperature. Keep in mind that room temperature in winter is several degrees cooler than it is during the rest of the year, so the wine will still be somewhat cool, but not cold. For example, the flavors in wines such as Riesling and Pinot Grigio benefit from being served chilled, which might be refreshing in the summer, but not so much on a cold winter night.  

An ideal wine for the winter temperature is the delicious Jaw Breaker Cabernet Sauvignon, which is served at our Wine Cellar Restaurant. This wine carries the winter-friendly flavors of ripe blackberries and juicy cranberries, and the warm, comforting aromas of cedar, cinnamon, sweet woods, and blackcurrants. It’s a wonderful accompaniment to hot, meaty dishes like our Hungarian goulash, or a grilled roast beef and swiss sandwich.

Wintery White Wine

Many people associate autumn and winter exclusively with red wines, but that’s not an ironclad rule. There are some white wines that are well-suited to cooler weather, and can add a bright note to a gray day.

A Chardonnay always pairs well with roast chicken or pork. It’s especially good with our Wine Cellar Restaurant’s baked chicken salad crepe, which is topped with a rich Chardonnay cream sauce. Try it with a glass of our house Chardonnay, or go for a bottle of Concannon Chardonnay.

Crisp fruit flavors with notes of green apple and sweet orange will pair perfectly with such foods as a grilled chicken sandwich or orange chicken salad. A Moscato like our Chateau Diana can easily complement a winter meal, as it brings flavors of fruit and toasted almond.

Matching the Occasion

The mood of the occasion and the number of participants are important factors when choosing a wine. Is this a quiet meal for two or a larger, more celebratory party with family and friends? Maybe you’d like an afternoon break by yourself to enjoy a light bite and a drink.

If you want wine by the glass, Bandit Red Wine Blend is a deliciously fruity and oaky choice. This wine pairs well with a meal or a snack, and can even stand alone if you prefer to relax with a glass of wine rather than take a coffee break. The house Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Merlot at our Wine Cellar Restaurant are also good choices for unwinding in the winter.

If you’re in the mood for a bottle of something special, the Risk Taker Red Blend has fruity notes of berry, black cherry, and plum, along with warm, aromatic hints of cinnamon and cola. You can also try Shannon Ridge Wrangler Red, which boasts flavors of blackberry, cherry, chocolate, and a hint of sweet tobacco, as well as a cinnamon-spice aroma.

What Do You Like?

The most important consideration in choosing a wine is to select one that you actually enjoy drinking. A wine that doesn’t suit your tastes and preferences won’t magically become delicious to you just because it meets certain criteria for winter suitability. Wine is meant to be enjoyed, so be sure you make that your top priority when you choose yours.

Want help selecting the perfect wine for a winter’s day? The staff at Good’s Wine Cellar Restaurant will be happy to provide recommendations. Contact us today to book your table.