What Color Sofa Should You Buy?

When it comes to remodeling your living room, the color sofa you choose will make a huge difference to the design and feel of the space.

As one of the largest items in your living room, your sofa automatically becomes the main focus as you step through the doorway. It’s important to give this trendsetting piece of furniture some thought, so you can create your ideal living room atmosphere.

So, what do different colored sofas communicate, and how can you pair them with the rest of the room? At Good’s Furniture, we’ve developed a simple guide to help you make the right choice for your sofa, no matter the size or style of your living space.

Choose Earthy Tones for Coziness

Earthy tones like browns and beiges help create a sense of calm and comfort. These colors work well in spaces that are used for reading, relaxation, and intimate social gatherings.

An earth-colored sofa looks particularly classy against natural textures like stone and wood, making it a great choice for spaces with exposed stone walls and wood paneling or flooring. Just don’t let your sofa disappear in the room: choose a lighter earth tone for your sofa if you have dark-colored walls and floors, and a deeper tone if your living room is predominantly light-colored.

Good’s Top Pick: Our King Hickory Hillsdale Crescent Sofa gives your living room an inviting look thanks to its warm and organic color.

Make It Minimalist with White or Gray

If you’re striving for a minimalist design in your living room, you undoubtedly want a white or light gray sofa to serve as your centerpiece.

Since minimalist design calls for subdued colors, a pale sofa works best when all other elements in your living room are close to the same color. Even better, a pale sofa will help reflect the natural light around your living room, brightening the space. Of course, that doesn’t mean your sofa has to be too safe. Add a couple of bright cushions or a patterned throw for an exciting pop of color that fits your design trend.

Good’s Top Pick: Our King Hickory Casbah Sofa mixes a subtle color choice with a modern leg for a comfortable yet contemporary piece.

Let in the Light with Soft Colors

If you want something more colorful, but still understated, choose a sofa in a light color such as soft blue. It will reflect the natural light and open up your living room much like a white sofa, but with a bit of extra character.

This is a good choice if the rest of your space is lacking in color, which might be the case if you’re renting and can’t paint your living room walls. In fact, a white backdrop is perfect to ensure that your beautiful, light-colored sofa never loses the limelight.

Good’s Top Pick: Our Smith Brothers Sofa offers a charming aesthetic and simple beauty for any living room.

Be Bold in a Big Space

A large living room or an open-concept home allows you to go bold without visually shrinking the space. Let your hair down and choose striking colors for your sofa like bright red or green, to show off some fun personality.

If you go down this route, your sofa will attract enough attention on its own that neutral colors in the rest of the room will help balance out the design. For example, pairing with simple chairs and coffee tables will keep your sofa the focus of the room and prevent a feeling of overcrowdedness.

Good’s Top Pick: Our Craftmaster Two Cushion Sleeper Sofa combines big, bold color with luxury comfort, and won’t be easily forgotten by your guests.

Go the Distance with Dark Colors

If you’re looking for a sofa to last you for many years to come, choose a darker color like deep brown, dark gray, or black. Darker shades tend to hide dirt, so if you get a lot of traffic through your living room from guests, children, or pets, these colors are a no-brainer.

Due to their intensity, dark sofas usually work best in larger rooms or those with a lot of natural lighting. You can always offset the boldness of a dark sofa with brighter walls, a light-colored piece of accent furniture, or an area rug.

Good’s Top Pick: With its darker-colored design, our Craftmaster Sofa will stand the test of time, while looking great and feeling luxuriously comfortable.

Contact Good’s Furniture today for more advice on how to find your perfect sofa, or visit our showrooms to browse our many high end pieces. With over 100 years of experience and the largest showplace in the Midwest, we’re here to help you find exactly what you need for your unique living space.