5 Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring

It’s that time of year again: Snow banks are melting, temperatures rising, and stores are brimming with new merchandise. As we prepare to leave the weight of winter behind us, many of us turn to spring decorating (and spring cleaning) to lighten up our hearts and minds.

With just a few small changes, your home can reflect the changing of the season and support a sunnier outlook. Get inspired with one of the following ideas for refreshing and revitalizing your home this season.

1. Bedecked With Flowers

It’s hardly an earth shattering suggestion, but there’s a reason we gravitate toward flowers in springtime. Over the winter months, we favor heavy fabrics, dark colors, and dramatic prints like damask and plaid. As winter ends, the easiest way to lighten things up is to bring a little nature in. You can play it safe with a few accents — like a bright, sunny pillow or a patterned area rug — or go bold with something bigger, like a printed chair or even new wallpaper.

Now is also the time to bring in some greenery, which will immediately (and quite literally) breathe new life into your home. Fresh flowers on the dining table add a touch of everyday luxe, while succulents offer understated charm. Be sure whatever plants you choose are pet friendly if you’ve got furry friends in the house.

2. Make Some Waves

Spring and nautical styling go together like, well… spring and florals. From fashion to home décor, this trend returns year after year, making it both timeless and budget-friendly. Since you can count on your seaworthy pieces remaining stylish, you can invest as little — or as much — into this trend as you like, and build your collection according to the demands of your budget each year.

Think plenty of natural wood finishes and textures, ropes, knots, and cords, stripes galore, and of course, the essential colors: white, navy, cream, and gray.

To really stay on trend for 2018, incorporate some black and white stripes among the navy, such as with this black and white striped bench wrapped in natural rope fibers.

3. Fun with Furniture

A sure way to give your space a noticeably different feel is to add a new piece of furniture, or replace an aging or outdated piece with something fresh and invigorating. Treat yourself to a charming furniture piece that matches your unique home style.

It might be a cozy armchair to sink into with a great book, a coffee table that adds a new spin to your living room, or a more elegant dining room table for entertaining your guests. If there’s something you’ve had your eye on for a while, the spring season — symbolic of new beginnings — is the perfect time to go for it. If you don’t have anything specific in mind, then spend a pleasant spring day browsing some elegant options to see if anything catches your attention.

You can add a new focal point to an outdated room, a fun pop of color in an otherwise neutral space, or pull out your color wheel and try pairing a bold shade with an equally vibrant contrasting hue for a creative new vibe.

4. Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

Nothing brightens up a space quite like a mirror. Whether you want to open up a too-small bathroom, add life to a dark corner, or offset heavy furniture in a bigger room, mirrors can really work wonders. And the best part? If they’re hung near windows, they’ll not only reflect the incoming light, but also whatever beauty nature has on display outside.

Try hanging a series of mismatched and imperfect mirrors to create your own Wabi Sabi inspired gallery wall — a great way to show off your creativity — or pick a larger standalone piece to be the focal point of the room.

5. Be Ultra-Bold

If these options all seem too tame and you’re ready to commit to this year’s top trends, you may just want to get on board with Pantone’s Color of the Year: ultra violet. This remarkable hue would work equally well on a beautiful, tufted velvet armchair or sofa (another big trend), a charming side table, or vibrantly painted walls. You don’t have to paint the entire living room to achieve this; consider choosing an accent wall to become your seasonal playground.

To get the most out of this trend, pair any of these options with softer, less saturated purple accessories (or some yellow for contrast) for springtime. In the fall, amplify the look with equally rich colors (like Sherwin-Williams’ 2018 star, Oceanside SW 6496).

Spring is the perfect time to change the energy in your living space. Whether you’re browsing for accessories or larger furniture pieces, Good’s Furniture offers everything you need — in every style you can imagine — to update your home in a way that reflects your unique style and personality.