Tasteful Ways to Incorporate Florals In Your Home

The approach of spring signals a lightening up — of fabrics, of colors, of moods — and one of the easiest ways to reflect this shift is through florals. Yet some of us shy away from decorating with florals, for fear that it will come off as gaudy. Burdened by memories of an old relative’s couch (and maybe even matching toilet seat covers), we often worry florals in the home will seem too out-of-date, too immature, or simply too loud.

This spring, don’t be afraid to get a little flowery. There are plenty of contemporary, elegant, and tasteful ways to incorporate this spring trend into your home. If you’re trying to avoid a dated feel, just be sure to steer clear of anything too tiny or dainty looking; and remember, the size of the print should be appropriate for the size of your room. Huge blossoms could overwhelm an already-small space, for instance, but would help ground a room that’s already quite spacious.

Try one of the following strategies for bringing the feeling of fresh blooms into your home.

1. Welcome the Wallpaper

Wallpaper has changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the tacky prints in too-shiny materials, and here are luxurious patterns with cool metallic accents and innovative textures. Whether you want to create a focal point in a room or transform your whole home, wallpaper has the potential to add real character. With so many floral patterns out there, there’s an option for every taste and style.

If Scandinavian minimalism is your thing, try pairing it with an equally clean print, like this palm leaf wallpaper in fresh green and white. If you prefer a more romantic or moody vibe, look no further than this dramatic, large-scale design, inspired by Dutch still-life paintings. Pair it with architectural accessories in rose-gold for an ultra-chic aesthetic.

2. Refresh with Rugs

If you’d rather not commit to changing a whole room (and all the work that entails) but still want a seasonal update, a floral rug is a great choice. Choose bold colors in a sweeping bouquet for a real conversation starter. Or, elevate a neutral room with a tone-on-tone design in keeping with this season’s focus on monochromes.

And for the truly adventurous? Consider mixing patterns by pairing your floral wallpaper with a floral rug — just be sure to keep them in the same color family and intensity, and let one print play star, while the other takes the supporting role.

3. Accessorize with Art

With so many affordable accessories out there today, participating in each season’s trend has never been easier. Switch out a pillow here, a throw blanket there, and you can update your home’s look as often as you like — on even the most modest of budgets. One of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room is to simply switch out your wall art with something fresh and new.

Try hanging some pretty floral prints in your laundry room to breathe new life into this often neglected space. Add vintage-inspired floral prints in the kitchen for a quirkier vibe. Artificial bouquets, which have never looked more realistic, also look cheerful and sweet interspersed throughout the house.

4. Pick Out Some Plants

Nothing brightens up the energy in a home quite like live plants. With more natural light now at your disposal thanks to the warmer weather, it’s worth investing a little time and money into some living accessories.

Rubber tree plants make for a great statement piece, and are easy to care for. If you’d like something a bit smaller, the ZZ Plant is known for being very beginner-friendly to those who don’t garden regularly. Fiddle leaf fig plants, while admittedly temperamental, are an impressive and unusual choice. Aloe plants serve double duty as decoration and home remedy.

Don’t forget to invest in some stylish planters — choosing the right home for your greenery makes all the difference. Marble, bamboo, rose gold, or hammered copper can all bring contemporary charm to your indoor gardening.

5. Bring Out the Bouquets

While the fall and winter seasons have their share of amazing centerpiece ideas, the spring season is the perfect time to adorn your table with freshly cut flowers or a D.I.Y floral arrangement. There’s nothing like bringing a little bit of nature indoors to celebrate the bright, sunny days ahead. Delight guests the next time you entertain with vases of flowers throughout the house, or one beautiful bouquet in the center of the table.

6. Spruce Up with Succulents

Colorful blooms not your thing? Low-maintenance cacti and succulents can add effortless cool to your space, while a snake-plant, dubbed near-impossible to kill by homeowners around the globe, will show off your green thumb (no matter how green it may actually be).

Whether you prefer small and simple accessories or major statement walls that truly pop, you can find a way to incorporate florals into your home that feels modern, tasteful, and fresh. When you’re ready to start decorating, visit us at Good’s Furniture to browse our showrooms and our collection of trendy, local shops.

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