Ultra Violet Decor: How to Use Pantone’s Color of the Year in Your Home

Looking to revamp your decor in a way that looks fit for royalty yet also says you’re contemporary and forward thinking? Pantone’s 2018 color of the year may be just the bright, purple ticket you’re looking for.

Ultra violet, Pantone’s choice for 2018, sits somewhere between bright, vibrant violets and strong, dark indigo purples. It captures all of the majesty of the favored color of kings and queens, with just enough spunk to make a statement.

Don’t feel limited to using just ultra violet: you can opt for a monochromatic palette that explores shades of the violet spectrum, or incorporate just a few purple items into a different color scheme to brighten your space.

Here are a few practical ways you can use Pantone’s color of the year in your home.

1. Monochromatic Magic

If statements are your thing, a monochromatic room is a sure way to make one. It takes time and a bit of an investment, but it’s well worth the effort if you’re already a fan of purple.

Start with a few staples like couches and chairs that fall on the violet spectrum and you think will age well: lavender-greys or deep, nearly black eggplant purples are good basic colors to consider. If you see a furniture piece you love, and want to know if it comes in a shade of purple, ask us about our custom upholstery.

Add some carpeting or throw rugs in medium-range purples that complement the furniture, and some simple tables and chairs in blacks and whites that will allow the purple to pop.

Finish it off with some solidly ultra violet pieces to emphasize the trending color and build on the rest of the room. Voila — you’ve got a violet-filled space that’s sure to be remembered.

2. Ultra Accessories

If you aren’t keen on fully taking on purple as part of a monochromatic room, incorporating ultra violet accessories into your space is an effective way to make use of Pantone’s color of the year.

You can find everything from art, to glass bottles and pillows in shades of violet. Paintings that feature lavender or violet flowers are timeless, and purple sculptures are uniquely modern and eye catching. Glass bottles or dishes in purple give off a vintage feel that adds charm to a contemporary or traditional home. Rugs are a subtle, comforting way to incorporate ultra violet.

Some of our favorite accessories are pillows — they provide a simple, cost effective option for adding color to any room.

3. Feature Wall

If you’re a fan of minimalism, painting a feature wall as an accent is a great way to incorporate ultra violet into your living space. The rich, blue-purple tones of ultra violet make it a calming addition to any room; while it’s still bright enough to evoke an energetic atmosphere.

Start by choosing which wall you’d like to paint purple, then paint the rest an off-white or cream color to make it pop. Arrange your furniture and accessories in a way that balances out the rich purple wall. The best part of utilizing an accent wall is how easy it is to change. If you don’t love the color a year (or a few months) from now, all you have to do is paint one wall — instead of repainting an entire room.

4. Complement It

Not into a monochromatic look? Too much purple-on-purple? Then maybe a complementary approach is better for you. To find the complementary color to purple, all you need to do is look straight across the color wheel: yellow.

Try pairing different shades of violet with yellows from across the spectrum, from butter to mustard yellow — depending on your taste. Opt for pale yellows and lavender purples for a soft, gentle aesthetic that’s perfect for the spring season. Or, pair eggplant purples with rich sunshine yellows for a powerfully saturated statement.

5. Leave It Out

Think you already have the perfect set up, with no room for ultra violet? Or perhaps you’ve incorporated it into your interior, but you feel like you could do a bit more. Take it outside!

Why not paint your front door, mail box, or railing ultra violet to add a pop of color to your house? If that’s too much, consider adding some purple lawn ornaments or furniture to your outdoor space. Or, let Pantone’s color of the year inspire your planting! There are plenty of flowers, and even herbs, that provide a welcome burst of purple to your garden. Once they’re in full bloom, you can even cut a few from the garden to add a fresh purple bouquet on the kitchen table.

If you want more ideas for adding a new color to your home, check out our blog, the Good Times Journal, where we post tips and advice for all styles.

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