A Beginners Guide to Understanding Drapeable Furniture

Have you ever gone to a store to purchase an accent piece for your home, like a rug, wall color, or trim? If you have, then you know that it can be difficult to really visualize your new pieces in your home. Sure, bringing pictures of your home, fabric samples, and more can certainly help you to make sure your colors will work. However, wouldn’t it be great if there was an easier way to visualize your new furniture in your home before you walk into the store to check it out in person? Well, our new online Drapeable Furniture feature is that way!


How Does the Drapeable Furniture Feature Work?


It is a simple feature that will make your life much easier when it comes to decorating your home. Here’s how it works: When you are shopping online and have selected a larger piece of furniture that you want for your space, you can add on a rug, wall color, trim, or flooring to estimate how the two will look together. While you are viewing your ideal sofa online, you can scroll towards the bottom of the screen and click on the accent you want to view. You will notice several options will appear, and you can click on the one you are interested in. The photo of your sofa will reload with the accent that you have chosen. It is a great way to view how well both pieces will work together in your home.


How Do I Know Which Furniture Piece Has The Drapeable Ability?


Drapeable FurnitureNot all of the pieces online are compatible with the drapeable furniture feature. Instead of clicking on random pieces searching for the feature, the pieces that are compatible have an indicator. In the top right corner of the photo, a small paintbrush will appear to show that the furniture also has the drapeable furniture feature. While not all of our offerings have the drapeable feature, most of our best furniture lines are still tremendously customizable. One of our expert designers is always happy to help you with customization in our store.


Why Is The Drapeable Furniture Feature Beneficial?


The feature is the answer to the home furniture shopping. Shopping, especially online, can be difficult as you aren’t able to estimate how pieces will work together. You may purchase a wall color that seems like it will compliment your new rug, only to get it home and discover it’s not at all how you thought it would be. The drapeable furniture feature eases that concern by allowing you to see furniture pieces together. You will save yourself time and energy.

Decorating your home is an exciting journey to embark on. Whether you are just swapping out a few pieces or starting from scratch, it can be a fun experience. The drapeable furniture feature makes decorating your space easier. The days of guessing how a room will come together are long gone.