Tips on Decorating Your Dining Room

The dining room is an area where friends and family come together to relax, talk, and eat. If you want to change the appearance of your dining area, several steps will help with the process to get the desired look. Here are some points to keep in mind when decorating your dining room.

Think About The Food Factor

The flooring in your dining area is prone to food landing upon it. For this reason, many find that adding an area rug underneath the dining room table is a useful task. This allows for carpeted areas to remain free of stains, while harder flooring surfaces are covered and protected. When selecting an area rug, consider picking out a color that contrasts the dining room table and chairs so it highlights these important furnishings.

Make Sure Seating Is Ample

If entertaining is imminent, having enough seating for guests is a must. A dining table with a removable leaf (or leaves) works well at expanding the eating space at times guests are expected. If built in leaf storage isn’t available with your table, store the additional pieces (leaves) in a closet or lay them flat under a bed until they are needed. Purchasing a few extra seats is also best. Storing them in an attic or cellar when they are not needed works well. Some people would rather display all of their chairs and a dining room table with leaves included to give the room a majestic appearance. Swap out seat cushions with a new theme and match it to a cloth table covering and curtains as well.

Consider Some Storage Options

If you wish to store dishes or stemware in your dining area so they are within reach, purchasing a China cabinet or buffet table is best. These bold pieces of furniture allow you to display your favorite pieces while protecting them from dust and breakage. A cabinet with glass doors helps to bring the pieces into view, so they are enjoyed by all who come into contact with them. Buffet tables allow for the items to be at a lower level, while China cabinets show off your treasures in a majestic manner. In addition, consider using a chest or small cabinet for loose items so they are kept out of the way. Pieces constructed from fine wood are easy to clean and help to give a dining room a classic appearance without a large price tag to match.

Show Off The Room With Lighting

The lighting in a dining room aids in showing off your furnishings properly. A room with only dim lighting doesn’t give furniture the justice it deserves. Think about installing an elaborate chandelier to overhang over the eating area. Switch existing fixtures with new ones that match your decor appropriately. If the room has windows or doors, think about switching coverings to sheer ones so the area receives plenty of light during daytime hours.