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Moving Tips for the DIYer

Moving to a new home is an exciting time, however, the moving process itself tends to be a bit of a challenge – which is why we’ve compiled some tips for moving preparation. Want to make your transition to a new space as smooth and simple as possible? Take a look at our suggestions below.

Collection Spotlight: Bench*Made by Bassett

When entering Good’s Furniture by way of our East building entrances, chances are you will run in to some new, unique and All-American dining sets. These beautiful pieces are Bench*Made by Bassett, their new Artisan Dining collection. Bench*Made is 100% American. Each item is crafted from timber harvested in the Appalachian Region and then uniquely

The Holidays at Good’s Furniture

Happy Holidays everyone! The holiday spirit is alive and well here at Good’s Furniture! As we were decorating this year, we spent much time reminiscing about Great Grandpa’s Sleigh pictured below and all the stories it could tell. Can you imagine him back in the 1890’s busting through the snow, being pulled along by a horse or two, with the sleigh chock-full

Huntington House at Good’s

If you’re in the market for living room furniture, we invite you to experience Huntington House Furniture at Good’s in Kewanee, IL. Huntington House is a family owned and operated company that has been hand-crafting beautiful, high quality living room furniture in Hickory, North Carolina since 1982. Their location in North Carolina allows them to employ the most

The Wine Cellar Restaurant at Good’s

While visiting us at Good’s, be sure take a delicious detour to The Wine Cellar Restaurant.  Fashioned after the distinctly original character and mellow ambiance of the time-honored wine cellars found throughout Germany and Austria; The Wine Cellar is the perfect place to meet and enjoy good friends and family over a delicious meal! Our menu offers a wide variety of homemade soups, salads,

Cheers to the Prairie Chicken!

The tale of the Prairie Chicken went like this: Kewanee was once the land of the Potawatomi tribe. They hunted the rolling prairies spanning across northwestern Illinois where the Prairie Chicken, known in Potawatomi as “Kewanee,” was found in abundance. So, when the railroad arrived in 1854, the local folks officially incorporated the town  as Kewanee. Not long after our