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Proud to offer Palettes

Good’s Furniture is happy to offer you Palettes by Winesburg, American Made Furniture, from forest to fabrication. Located in the rolling farmland of Ohio’s Amish country, Palettes by Winesburg is a third generation lumber specialist who hand-selects the best of the cherry, oak, maple, walnut or hickory trees to bring you quality products. They select

Doggone Sweet Dreams

Yes, we are those people. The people who treat our dogs like one of the kids… as they are just members of the family. Did you know that Good’s Furniture now has Rachael Ray Home Dog Beds that are both stylish and functional? Here are some benefits of your sweet pooch having their own bed…

A Ray of Style

There is a feeling that happens when family and friends gather around a table to share a meal or conversation, and Rachael Ray Home brings this warmth and joy to every room. Good’s Furniture is pleased and proud to offer Rachel’s collection to you. There are three different styles with three different influences: Highline, Soho

Breathtaking Pieces of Bassett Furniture

The Bassett Furniture brand is focused on comfort and value, delivering custom-made furniture to over 100 retail locations in the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada. Their wide selection of quality products leaves you with enough gorgeous choices to furnish your whole home. Refresh your interior with one of these breathtaking pieces of Bassett Furniture.

Collection Spotlight: Dogwood By Paula Deen

Paula Deen’s all-new Dogwood Collection has arrived at Good’s and looks fantastic! Dogwood has a casual traditional feel that draws inspiration from the charming homes, inns, and restaurants of Savannah, Georgia where Paula calls home. Here are a few collection highlights:       Experience Dogwood and the entire Paula Deen Home Collection at Good’s Furniture today!

Collection Spotlight: Bench*Made by Bassett

When entering Good’s Furniture by way of our East building entrances, chances are you will run in to some new, unique and All-American dining sets. These beautiful pieces are Bench*Made by Bassett, their new Artisan Dining collection. Bench*Made is 100% American. Each item is crafted from timber harvested in the Appalachian Region and then uniquely

Introducing The Foundry by A.R.T. Furniture

At Good’s Furniture we are proudly displaying a new collection from A.R.T. Furniture named The Foundry. A.R.T. states that farmhouse and vintage French styled accent pieces define this exciting new collection. Although individual pieces are unique, many can be coordinating and complementary to create an inviting living area. These new pieces are inspired by items