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Collection Spotlight: Bench*Made by Bassett

When entering Good’s Furniture by way of our East building entrances, chances are you will run in to some new, unique and All-American dining sets. These beautiful pieces are Bench*Made by Bassett, their new Artisan Dining collection. Bench*Made is 100% American. Each item is crafted from timber harvested in the Appalachian Region and then uniquely

Introducing The Foundry by A.R.T. Furniture

At Good’s Furniture we are proudly displaying a new collection from A.R.T. Furniture named The Foundry. A.R.T. states that farmhouse and vintage French styled accent pieces define this exciting new collection. Although individual pieces are unique, many can be coordinating and complementary to create an inviting living area. These new pieces are inspired by items

The Holidays at Good’s Furniture

Happy Holidays everyone! The holiday spirit is alive and well here at Good’s Furniture! As we were decorating this year, we spent much time reminiscing about Great Grandpa’s Sleigh pictured below and all the stories it could tell. Can you imagine him back in the 1890’s busting through the snow, being pulled along by a horse or two, with the sleigh chock-full