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Design Spotlight: Contemporary

Unlike other interior design styles with distinct time frames, contemporary design is ever-changing. Sometimes people mistake modern and contemporary design styles as being the same, since the words alone have similar connotations outside the design world. While the two styles do overlap in some regards, contemporary design encompasses the essence of the current period, and

Collection Spotlight: Bench*Made by Bassett

When entering Good’s Furniture by way of our East building entrances, chances are you will run in to some new, unique and All-American dining sets. These beautiful pieces are Bench*Made by Bassett, their new Artisan Dining collection. Bench*Made is 100% American. Each item is crafted from timber harvested in the Appalachian Region and then uniquely

Collection Spotlight: Paula Deen

Paula Deen has quite the presence here at Good’s Furniture. Our store features a large room full of unique and amazing pieces from her Paula Deen Home Collection by Universal and from her Paula Deen Home Upholstery Collection by Craftmaster. To begin this edition of Collection Spotlight, let’s take a look at her Upholstery Collection by Craftmaster.

Design Spotlight: Mid-Century Modern

Forgotten artifacts from grandparents’ mid-century homes are appearing more and more in trend-setting living rooms. Mid-century houses and furnishings are in the middle of a dramatic comeback because they represent quality in both design and material. This popular movement involved great architects and designers who were active during the middle of the 20th century. They

Introducing The Foundry by A.R.T. Furniture

At Good’s Furniture we are proudly displaying a new collection from A.R.T. Furniture named The Foundry. A.R.T. states that farmhouse and vintage French styled accent pieces define this exciting new collection. Although individual pieces are unique, many can be coordinating and complementary to create an inviting living area. These new pieces are inspired by items