Picking the Perfect Kitchen Island for Your Space

Posted on October 23rd, 2018 by goodsfurniture.

If you currently use a kitchen island in your home, you know the convenience it provides. If you are contemplating adding one, you are in for a treat when you realize how many benefits they offer. Whether you are upgrading or adding a new kitchen island to your home, picking out the perfect one is a must. Here are some tips to help you select a kitchen island you will love.

Take The Decor Into Consideration

When picking out a kitchen island, it is important to select one that matches the existing theme and style in the room. While it is not imperative to match an island with exact colors or patterns, using complementary shades and finishes helps to retain the balance of the room.

A kitchen island is already the focal point of a room, simply because of its positioning. There is no need to make it stand out with a unique appearance from surrounding furnishings unless you wish to provide a bold statement. The choice is yours!

Think About The Storage Needed

Kitchen islands provide ample space for food preparation and storage. Before you select an island, determine what you’d like to store on it and how much space you’ll need. Cabinets and shelves help to keep cookware and utensils within reach and out of view when they are not being used.

Some contemporary models feature open shelving instead of cabinets and drawers for a more modern and industrial look. Whether you need a place for pots and pans, cookbooks, or other essentials, kitchen islands are a great storage solution.

Consider A Mobile Unit

Mobile islands, typically on wheels, are a great idea for small kitchens. These diverse islands allow you to enjoy the benefits of a convenient prep and storage area with the ability to tuck it out of the way when you’re finished. These handy kitchen islands also give you the flexibility in revitalizing the appearance of your kitchen with a new position for your furniture whenever you wish.

Enjoy A Multi-Use Island

In addition to having a location for food preparation and storage, a kitchen island also serves as a casual dining spot. Add a few kitchen stools around your kitchen island to turn it into a convenient place to have breakfast and snacks. This is a great feature for those who love to entertain, as it gives your guests a spot to hang out while you pour drinks and prepare meals.

These convenient surfaces are no longer out of reach for small spaces or homes without a built-in island. The rising popularity of kitchen carts and separate islands means you can find a unique addition for any kitchen size and style. Before you shop, measure the area you’d like to place your island so you can ensure plenty of space to get around it. At Good’s Furniture, we offer a variety of high-quality kitchen islands to help you find the perfect piece with style and function.


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